CHRYSO®Deco Wash Pico gives the perfect sanded finish


CHRYSO Southern Africa offers a comprehensive range of products to optimise the placing, performance and aesthetics of concrete. Particularly in the field of decorative concrete, CHRYSO has become a leader in addressing the need for quality, durable and inspiring surfaces and finishes. 


One such a product is CHRYSO® Deco Wash Pico, a surface retarder that lightly delays the setting of the concrete surface layer. Following the correct application and washing-off procedures will result in a finished look of a “sanded” or "acid washed" surface.


Before application, all surrounding supports and elements for which the product is not intended must be covered. No bleed water must be visible on the concrete surface and troweling and smoothing should have been completed. After thoroughly mixing the product, it is sprayed uniformly onto the surface of the fresh concrete. This water-based solution forms a thin film that is resistant to fine rain and high temperatures.


Depending on weather conditions, the product should be washed off with a high-pressure washer within 24 hours to reveal the surface effect. For a better homogeneity and detail, a preliminary brushing with a single nylon brush machine is advised. To ensure a uniform appearance, it is important to keep to the same washing-off time for all parts of the project on a given site. Time windows may vary in case of significant temperature variations.


CHRYSO® Deco Wash Pico is suitable for use on walkways, pool surrounds, patios, and areas open to public pedestrian traffic. 


CHRYSO Southern Africa’s sales and technical teams are on hand to discuss how CHRYSO® Deco Wash Pico can add aesthetic appeal to a concrete surface.