CHRYSO®Cure Acrylic

CHRYSO®Cure Acrylic is a water-based slightly viscous acrylic emulsion solution which dries to a colourless stain free surface when applied to concrete.

  • Compatible for water retaining structures (potable water)
  • Economical, single application reduces incidence of shrinkage cracks
  • Promotes better strength gain characteristics
  • Useful as a dust-proofer and surface hardener (particularly on floor areas)
  • No film breakdown period involved
  • Does not interfere with subsequent concrete surface treatments (paints, emulsions, sealants adhesive, renders, tile adhesives etc.). 
Domains of application
  • An economical method to assist in efficient concrete curing
  • Acts chemically with the hydroxides produced by the hydration of cement to form a dense pore-filling crystalline structure that in turn reduces the water evaporation rate from the concrete surface
  • The presence and retention of water in concrete is essential to ensure adequate strength development and minimise initial plastic shrinkage crack development
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