CHRYSO®CWA 10 is a crystalline permeability reducing admixture in a dry powder form that is added to the concrete mix at the time of batching.

  • Active ingredients of CHRYSO®CWA 10 react with moisture to form crystals deep within the pores and capillary tract of the concrete structure.
  • CHRYSO®CWA 10 can transform an entire concrete structure into an impermeable water barrier with lasting integral waterproofing properties.
  • Used to waterproof both the interior and exterior of building, CHRYSO®CWA 10 prevents concrete decay and protects against moisture transmission, chemical attack and corrosion of reinforcing steel.

CHRYSO® CWA 10 for Temba Waterworks project

  • CHRYSO®CWA 10 can be used for positive and negative waterproofing of a structure
  • The product is ideal for concrete exposed to harsh conditions and enhances the durable properties of concrete as it protects the concrete from waterborne soluble salts
  • Gives concrete crack sealing characteristics, it can seal hairline cracks up to 0.4 mm wide
  • CHRYSO®CWA 10 is a permanent, non-toxic product that is highly resistant to aggressive chemicals
  • An integral waterproofing system that is a permanent solution
  • The product can be added to concrete at the time of batching and is therefore not subject to climatic restraints
  • Process friendly and increases flexibility in construction scheduling
Domains of application
  • Foundations
  • Sewerage and water treatment plants
  • Tunnels
  • Underground structures
  • Dams
  • Precast structures
  • Swimming pools
  • Reservoirs
  • Precast components
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