CHRYSO®Plast Omega 136

New generation plasticiser that is robust to water addition and increased dosages. CHRYSO®Omega 136  thus induces the following major effects on a concrete mix:

  • Without affecting the consistence, permits a reduction in the water content or
  • Without affecting the water content, increases the slump/flow or
  • Produces both of the above effects simultaneously.
  • CHRYSO®Plast Omega 136 is a multi-dose admixture, allowing a wide range of dosages to be applied, without any excessive retardation at the higher dosages.
  • The multi-dose characteristic of CHRYSO®Plast Omega 136 allows concrete to exhibit extended workability characteristics.
  • CHRYSO®Plast Omega 136 reduces the rate of bleeding in a concrete mix
  • CHRYSO®Plast Omega 136 improves the cohesion and lowers the viscosity of a concrete mix. This results in an improved homogeneity, allowing for superior off-shutter finishes.
  • By reducing the need to add extra water, CHRYSO®Plast Omega 136 increases the durability of concrete.
  • In common with all water reducing/plasticising admixtures, the use of, CHRYSO®Plast Omega 136 ireduces the overall cost of a cubic metre of concrete.
  • This in turn, allows less cement to be used in order to achieve the same objective, resulting in a solution which is environmentally friendly.
  • Improves the compaction of concrete.
Domains of application
  • Readymix concrete
  • High workability concrete
  • Pumped concrete
  • Highly reinforced concrete
  • Roller compacted concrete
  • Precast concrete
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