CHRYSO® Plast 3X is classified as a water reducing plasticizer. CHRYSO® Plast 3X is a chloride free liquid chemical admixture that induces the following major effects on a concrete mix:

  • Without affecting the consistence, permits a reduction in the water content or
  • Without affecting the water content, increases the slump/flow or
  • Produces both of the above effects simultaneously.
Market Specification
  • Increased workability at constant c/w ratio
  • Equal workability at reduced water content
  • Increases durability and resistance to chemical attacks
  • Improved flowability
  • Reduced bleeding rate to a concrete mix
  • Reduced costs per cubic metre of concrete
  • Reduces permeability of concrete
  • Greatly reduces surface cracking due to drying shrinkage
  • Improved appearance on moulded concrete surfaces
  • Facilitates easier filling, compaction and demoulding in block, brick and paving machines.
Domains of application
  • CHRYSO® Plast 3X has been specially designed for use in the manufacture of light precast concrete with immediate mould release (concrete blocks, bricks, curbs, pipes, paving stones, etc.)
  • CHRYSO® Plast 3X can be used with all Portland cement and/or blast furnace slag cement with or without pozzolanic additives (except aluminous cement)
  • Additionally, CHRYSO® Plast 3X is recommended as a plasticizer for concretes made with harsh or poor graded aggregates, especially those having a low fines content
  • CHRYSO® Plast 3X can be used in conjunction with other CHRYSO additives.
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