CHRYSO® ProFilm 19

CHRYSO® ProFilm 19 protects fresh concrete from the effects of excessive moisture loss in rapid drying conditions, without increasing the bleed. This product is an evaporation reducer that is sprayed over fresh concrete surfaces. When applied, the water-based, VOC compliant product forms a continuous monomolecular film over the concrete surface.

  • CHRYSO® ProFilm 19 is especially useful in weather that has low humidity and is hot and windy as well as inside heated buildings during cold weather. This is because those conditions promote the rapid evaporation of surface moisture
  • The product enhances the durability of concrete because it helps to prevent map cracking and plastic shrinkage (where cracks can penetrate to the full depth of a concrete slab) by inhibiting the rapid loss of bleed water
  • This mono-molecular film lasts as long as the concrete remains plastic, despite floating and troweling operations
  • The product eliminates the need to add extra mixing water to the concrete mix design in order to compensate for rapid evaporation during finishing
  • CHRYSO® ProFilm 19 is therefore ideal in concrete that produces little or no bleed water, such as mixes with low water content or mixes containing fibres
  • It also replaces the need for water spraying on the surface of the concrete in order to slow the evaporation process
Domains of application

All horizontal concrete pours where the evaporation rate may exceed the bleeding rate of concrete:

  • Industrial Floors
  • Roads
  • Bridge decks
  • Slabs
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
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