CHRYSO®Dem Elio VP is a hydrocarbon oil based delayed release agent for steam curing dry mixes and cast in steel formwork for the precast industry.

  • Ideal for concrete pipes manufactured using the roller suspension process and steam curing.
  • Easy formwork release – temporarily protects and extends the life of metallic formwork from corrosion.
  • Ready to use –no additions or dilution required.
  • Reduces the likelihood of imperfections and surface damage (particularly blow holes) to the concrete, creating more durable, blemish free and consistent concrete surfaces.
  • Does not affect the adhesion of subsequent finishes and coatings. Plaster, paint and other coatings may be applied subsequently.
  • Suitable for steam curing – does not break down when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Does not stain or affect the colour of the concrete, when applied correctly.
  • Does not modify cement hydration when applied correctly.
  • Water repellent and not affected by rain.
Domains of application

Suitable for:

  • Metal formwork(steel/aluminium).
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