CHRYSO® Xel is a chloride-free liquid admixture which when added to concretes and mortars during mixing gives accelerated setting time and high mechanical strengths.

  • CHRYSO® Xel has a significant plasticising effect and water reduction benefits.
  • Accelerated setting time (especially at low temperatures).
  • High early strengths.

Fresh Concrete

  • Accelerated setting and hardening.
  • Increased workability at equal water content.
  • Improved cohesion within the mix, and therefore reduced segregation during transport, placing and compaction.

Hardened Concrete

  • Higher initial strengths.
  • Earlier demoulding or stripping of formwork.
  • Increased strengths at equal cement contents.
  • Equal strengths at reduced cement contents.
  • Enhanced compaction.
  • Reduced permeability.
  • Improved durability
Domains of application

CHRYSO® Xel can be used with all Portland cements and / or blast furnace slag cement with or without pozzolanic additives, except aluminous cement.

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