CHRYSO®Finisol Brut

Film-forming finishes with a rough or exposed concrete appearance designed to protect aesthetic concrete against water, oil and dust.

  • Particularly adapted to protect exposed aggregate concrete, on which it can be applied immediately after the washout of the surface retarder
  • Has a tracing effect that helps to see the treated areas and to optimize the dosage. The white aspect totally disappears when drying
  • Particularly appropriate to protect exposed aggregate concrete. It can be immediately applied after the washing away of the top-surface retarder
  • A film-forming sealer that reduces stains and thanks to its hydrophobic and oleophobic functions, protects against water, oils and dust
  • Improves surface toughness, abrasion and wear resistance (ISO 11-998 and ASTM D24-56) and reduces the appearance of efflorescence
  • Does not modify the aspect and the colour of the substrate on which it is applied
  • Its water-based formulation makes it safe for users
Domains of application
  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • Aesthetic concrete
  • Street furniture
  • Precast elements
  • Exposed aggregate roadworks and slabs
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