CHRYSO®AMA 105 EL is an activator especially
formulated to increase early and later strengths.
It is also formulated to reduce clinker while
increasing extender content.


  • Increase early and late strengths
  • Decrease percentage of clinker in cement in
    order to reduce CO2 emissions and production
  • Increased mill production (10% to 25%)
    depending on the efficiency of the equipment
    and the characteristics of the material to be
  • Reduced grinding energy costs
  • Powder flow characteristics are improved,
    therefore improving the conditions of storage,
    pneumatic transport and packaging in bags
  • Reduction in coating tendencies
  • Plastic shrinkage (initial set) is reduced
Domains of application

CHRYSO®AMA 105 EL is a grinding aid
activator that is geared to maximise SCM, while
maintaining early and late strengths.

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Delivery available on request.
  • Bulk tanker loads
  • 1 000 L containers