CHRYSO®Dust Primer

CHRYSO® Dust Primer is a co-product of cellulose production that aids as a binding additive in the coalescing, stabilisation and suppression of rising dust particles and spores.

  • Water soluble & biodegradable
  • Easy application and safe to use
  • Helps with compliance to safety, environmental, health and occupational regulations
  • Less fuel usage & virtually no tyre traction
  • UV resistant
  • VOC free
  • Reduced water usage and man hours
  • High rainfall tolerance
Domains of application
  • Gravel & haul roads
  • Stockpiles
  • Construction sites
  • Quarries
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Unpaved runways and helipads
  • Mine tailings
  • Farms e.g. Vineyards, orchards
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