Specially manufactured to provide superior early strength with the added advantage of providing a wide range of aesthetic and decorative opportunities due to its key features of whiteness, high strength and durability. In addition to affording great design and colour versatility abe® CEM-blanc complies fully with the requirements specified in SANS 50197-1 for type CEM II 42.5N cement.

  • Easy to colour with CHRYSO® Colours C pigments
  • By using the best available ‘technical grade’ limestone/clinker, abe® CEM-blanc is milled to a carefully controlled fineness to ensure high early and late age strength gain.
  • Concrete and cement bound products made withabe® CEM-blanc is very easy to colour using normal pigments resulting in a wide colour spectrum with superior colour consistency.
  • abe® CEM-blanc’s whiteness, consistent quality, versatility, and strength make it the preferred choice for both ready-mix and precast producers.
  • abe® CEM-blanc as a CEM II 42.5N product can be further blended with fly ash, condensed silica fume, ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) and limestone. Blending with other extender types/supplementary cementitious materials can slow early strength development and may influence whiteness.
  • High performance ensures that the product’s cost-in-use or cost efficiency is far superior. This higher performance often leads to lower cement contents or higher replacement levels of less expensive input materials when using abe® CEMblanc. This results in improved cost versus performance against other less expensive/lower performance white cement.
  • Constant quality control and monitoring guarantees high performance in the 42.5N strength class.
Domains of application

A wide variety of white and light coloured finishes can be produced with selected white/light coloured aggregates or with pigments. abe® CEM-blanc white cement is ideally suited for the following applications:

  • High early strength specialist products particularly where the added feature of whiteness and improved aesthetics is desirable
  • Coloured mortars, plasters and screeds
  • Architectural colour finishes in buildings, bridges,retaining walls
  • Readymix and precast walls, columns and floors
  • Decorative pavements, blocks and pavers
  • Formulated, pre-bagged repairs, tile grouts, adhesives and screeds
  • Swimming pool finishes and plaster
  • Exposed aggregate finishes
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