CHRYSO®GreenDecap 200

CHRYSO®GreenDecap 200 is a synthetic concrete stripper which allows for the easy cleaning of all equipment in contact with concrete or cement.

  • CHRYSO®GreenDecap 200 can be used anywhere you find concrete, cement, plaster or mortar. It destroys the binder of these materials which are no longer coated and then can be removed by brushing off the surface.
  • CHRYSO®GreenDecap 200 can be used without damage on all surfaces where cement and concrete can be found: coated steel, paints, chrome, wiring, plastic, aluminium and glass.
  • CHRYSO®GreenDecap 200 is a concrete stripper with reduced aggressiveness compared to that of hydrochloric and nitric acid.
  • CHRYSO®GreenDecap 200 offers enhanced protection for equipment. The formula has also been optimized to have less flow during application than conventional products, resulting in reduced consumption.
Domains of application
  • Superficial laitance suppression
  • Suppression of cement stains
  • Final cleaning of exposed aggregate concrete surfaces
  • Cleaning and removing of efflorescences
  • Cleaning of coated steel formworks and moulds
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