CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 175
Superplasticiser - High Range Water Reducer
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CHRYSO®Optima 203
New generation superplastciser based on modified polycarboxylate. Maintains high workability with cement for which this specificity is diffucult to obtain. Recommended for use...
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CHRYSO®Fluid Premia 196
New generation superplasticiser modified Polycarboxylate, recommended for concrete requiring high short and long-term Particularly recommended for self-levelling concrete....
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CHRYSO®Fluid Premia 100
Market Specification Market Specification
New generation, high range water reducing/superplasticising admixture.
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CHRYSO®Fluid Premia 180
New generation superplasticiser especially recommended for concrete requiring high early age long term strengths, whilst maintaining the workability. It enables the production...
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CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 206
New generation, high range water reducing/ superplasticising admixture that is particularly adapted for use in SCC
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CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 224
High range water reducing superplasticiser
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CHRYSO®Fluid Premia 360
A high range water reducing plasticiser recommended for high early and late strengths.
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