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South Africa
Decorative Concrete

The Leonardo rises majestically above the Sandton skyline, its iconic stature demanding to be noticed. What will also be noticed is the series of large-scale artworks throughout the Leonardo that The Trinity Session, a contemporary creative production team, was commissioned to install. These showcase statement pieces from local artists and crafters.

This creative approach followed in the footsteps of Leonardo, the visionary inventor, with the visitor being exposed to a series of artworks creatively depicting the four elements - earth, fire, wind and water. Orchestrated by The Trinity Session the aesthetic journey starts in the ground floor entrance, with the movement of the earth’s surface represented by the sculpted rock layers that wrap the staircase vertically, taking the visitor through time as he ascends the stairs. The visual creation of the impact of tectonic shifts, shaping the landscape we now inhabit, called for an earthy, robust medium using the very materials that man has extracted from earth.

VerticArt, a specialised CHRYSO product, presented the ideal medium for this project. VerticArt is a cementitious mortar specifically designed for application to vertical surfaces, to create reliefs and textures which can be sculpted and carved, allowing architects and designers to explore the decorative potential of concrete.

4.5 tons of CHRYSO® VerticArt was used, covering 140 m2 and scaling a height of 15 metres (three storeys) CHRYSO® VerticArt was applied in various thicknesses and then carved and textured using palette knives, trowels, chisels, straight edges and wire brushes.

CHRYSO and The Trinity Session are proud contributors to this artwork, which shows a cross-section through earth and compliments the iconic Leonardo building.

Project participants :

Client: The Leonardo
Art Production Team: The Trinity Session
Artists: Damien Grivas, Angelique Koekemoer, Ciara Struwig, MarleciaMarais, Patrick Rapai, Paul Setate and Zanre Van Der Walt
CHRYSO: Neville Wearne
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