HR Culture

The human resources team in CHRYSO Southern Africa  endeavours to create a working environment that embodies the fair treatment of staff, open communication, trust, mutual respect and safety. 

The Human Resources culture at CHRYSO Southern Africa

We believe in the promotion and recruitment of the best qualified people, while recognising and encoraging the values of diversity and cultural differences in the workplace.

We encourage and stimulate freedom of expression, creativity and innovation.

While we receive support from a large global Group, we rely upon a decentralized system to uphold our high levels of reactivity to customer demands and industry changes.

 Employees are our most valuable resource

It is based and organized on three main pillars

Induction and Mentoring
When starting a new position, each employee is presented with a detailed introduction to his/her responsibilities and a specific induction program. 

Career Management
Our human resources department provides the processes, tools and support to develop the skills and competencies of our employees.

Performance Management
This is a key process for CHRYSO Southern Africa's success and an employee's development. An annual appraisal, mid-year reviews, follow up discussions and coaching take place regularly.