CHRYSO® Cim is an aqueous dispersion of fine copolymer particles such as butadiene and styrene. CHRYSO® Cim is very stable in an alkaline environment and perfectly compatible with hydraulic cement.

  • Increases mortar plasticity, cohesion and adherence
  • Improves tensile strength, abrasion resistance and impact strength
  • As CHRYSO® Cim is not affected by hydrolysis, it is ideal for surfaces in contact (permanent or occasional) with water including saltwater
  • Decreases the modulus of elasticity, eliminates hair cracking and reduces shrinkage and dust accumulation
  • Improves mortar water tightness and resistance to oil, grease, fuel oil and weak acids
Domains of application
  • Floor repairs (potholes)
  • Cement grouts used to waterproof surfaces, cover the base layer of asphalt paving, rectify service defects, fill cracks (injection)
  • Repair water retaining structures
  • Base coats for renderings and toppings
  • Cement renderings and mixed type renderings
  • Base coat, waterproofing coat for plaster finishes
  • Cement toppings not manually compacted
  • Toppings containing special aggregates and cement (designed to resist wear and tear, dustproofed)
  • Mortars used to finish and re-profile corners and external trim
  • Bonding mortars for construction joints
  • Jointing mortars for masonry
  • Also used to glue traffic islands and sidewalk curbing to concrete or asphalt
  • Jointing and caulking mortars for masonry joints, chimney stacks, mortar fillets etc.
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