Chloride free water-reducing admixture based on selected sugar reduced lignosulphonates that produce microscopic air bubbles, which are evenly distributed throughout the concrete.

  • Air entrainment increases the resistance of concrete to attack by frost and de-icing salts, reducing problems of surface scaling and concrete failure.
  • Entrained air bubbles assist in the formation of a stable cohesive mix, reducing segregation and bleeding.
  • Air entrainment improves workability and helps produce a dense, uniform, close textured surface free from gravel nests and sand runs, further enhancing durability.
  • Water reduction allows concrete to be produced with reduced permeability and increased strength compared to that obtained with air entrainment alone.
Domains of application
  • To produce air entrained concrete for increased durability and resistance to damage by frost and de-icing salts. Typical applications include concrete roads and bridge decks, airport runways and taxiways and other extensive areas of concrete exposed to potential frost damage.
  • To improve cohesion and workability of concrete mixes where poorly graded aggregates must be used and bleeding, segregation or sand runs occur.
  • To reduce permeability of lean concrete mixes.
  • To improve stability and cohesion in extruded concrete.
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