CHRYSO®Fluid L is classified as a high range water reducing/superplasticising admixture according to SANS 50934-2:2011 (EN 934-2:2009). The admixture thus induces the following major effects on a concrete mix:

  • Without affecting the consistence, permits a high reduction in the water content of a given concrete mix or
  • Without affecting the water content increases the slump/flow considerably or
  • Produces both effects simultaneously.
Market Specification Market Specification
  • Can be used to manufacture a wide range of concrete
  • CHRYSO®Fluid L is compatible with most types of cement (except aluminous cement)
  • CHRYSO®Fluid L is compatible with most types of SCMs like slag, fly ash and silica fume
  • Cement content optimised for desired mechanical strengths
  • The early mechanical strength of concrete is increased as a direct result of the lower water/ cement ratio
  • No segregation
  • Quick hardening - certain synthetic chemical components within CHRYSO®Fluid L may cause a slight set acceleration, particularly at low temperatures.
  • The accelerating agents contained in CHRYSO®Fluid L, combined with significant water reduction results in high mechanical strengths of all ages.
Domains of application
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Readymix concrete
  • Precast concrete
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