CHRYSO®AMA 90 E is a grinding aid and a high efficiency, strength improving activator. CHRYSO®AMA 90 E reduces water demand in cement and concrete production, and is also formulated to reduce clinker by increasing extender content.

  • Increased 24 and 48 hours mechanical strength of cement.
  • Allows for fly ash and slag extension and therefore decreases the percentage of clinker in cement in order to reduce CO2 emissions and production costs.
  • Increased mill production (8% to 15%) ? depending on the efficiency of the equipment and the characteristics of the material to be ground.
  • Reduced grinding energy costs.
  • Improved efficiency in both closed and open circuit systems, at equal specific surface area or equal sieve residues.
  • Significant reduction/elimination of cement agglomeration on the media, diaphragm, liners and the separator.
  • Improved powder flow characteristics before, during and after storage ? resulting in improved packing times and packing consistency.
  • The mechanical strength of cement is increased at early stages due to improved granulometry.
Domains of application

CHRYSO®AMA 90 E is an early age strength enhancer that is designed for use in both open and closed cement finishing mills.

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