Made in South Africa

With seven branches, three production plants and nine laboratories, CHRYSO Southern Africa is well positioned to deliver both products and technical service to all customers, even in remote areas. In addition to this, we receive full support from the CHRYSO Group’s international R&D center based in France; as well as our global network of technical professionals from all of the CHRYSO Group’s other 23 subsidiaries.

Customer support-driven from our laboratories...

Nine laboratories

Equipped with ultra-modern equipment, CHRYSO Southern Africa has nine laboratories that give full technical support to our customers, while upholding high levels of quality control.

  • Research and development laboratory - this laboratory is responsible for new product formulation and evaluation, existing product optimisation and product comparisons.
  • Concrete laboratory - in most cases, a chemical evaluation of a product gives limited perspective of the product's capabilities. The concrete laboratory therefore carries out a complemantary evaluation of the product in question. This is done by doing a physical concrete test in order to evaluate several important physical properties imparted by the product on the concrete. The concrete laboratory's prime function is to give technical support to customers through concrete characterization (evaluation of cement, extenders, sands, admixtures and their effect on concrete) and creating mix designs for customers.
  • Quality control laboratory - assists in ensuring that all locally produced products consistently meet our quality control parameters.

  • Cement laboratory - this is the most recent addition to the Jet Park laboratories. Furnished with ultra-modern equipment, the laboratory will be able to independently test cement samples locally. This will assist in creating new product formulations as well as tailor-made solutions to match specific applications or customer requirements.It will also be able to further assist our customers in optimising concrete mix designs. 
  • Colour laboratory - works for CHRYSO’s Concrete Aesthetics division with regard to concrete pigments, the laboratory houses sophisticated equipment like a Colourimeter that measures the colour strength of pigmentation quantitatively. The colour laboratory helps to provide specifications to colour-match available concrete masonry production lines at competitive rates.
  • Satellite laboratories - located in our Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Kwa-Zulu Natal branches the satellite laboratories will ensure that customers receive technical assistance rapidly, whilst freeing up the R&D and concrete laboratories in Jet Park to do a greater amount of developmental work.

… to our customers’ sites

Technical follow-up

It is important to note that CHRYSO works very closely with its customers to develop unique solutions catered to their specific needs. Our branches, plants and laboratories are placed in key areas in order to make sure that they are in close proximity to most of our customers.


We deliver our solutions in bulk or standard packaging, in order to meet our customers’ needs.

Our drivers are trained in safety procedures with regards to transporting chemicals.