Our service offer

Our philosophy has always been to put our customers' priorities at the heart of our business. Which is why CHRYSO combines its wide range of admixtures and additives to a large panel of services. This includes the advice of our experts in the areas that are key to the daily performance of our customers' businesses: dosage equipment, supply-chain solutions, training and technical assistance.

Technical assistance

Our technical team can  assist you with the formulation of concrete mix designs and give guidance with the formulation of concrete and admixture optimization.

Ensuring a daily quality service

CHRYSO supports your business throughout the logistic chain: both during the product development and the management of your supplies and installations.


  •  With three plants and seven branches in South Africa, we can distribute product to all regions.

Dosage equipment

  • Improved reliability and automation of your dosages and supplies


  • Automated and supervised management of your consumption and supplies